BRM Volume 1


This is the first of Doug Nye’s long running history of BRM which, thanks to all sorts of glitches, legal and the like, is still being completed.

This book however is stunning in the information it imparts on the birth and early seasons of BRM. If you are looking for long race reports this is not your book this is a book about a group of people who were caught up in the immediate post-WW II desire to get Britain back up to speed industrially and economically. It displays a variety of egos and a technical V16 1.5 litre supercharged engine which had pistons the size of egg cups that provided a number of technical challenges that took a long time to overcome.

This book is crammed full of all the kind of details that were missed out in contemporary writing of the period as we all hoped that it would be a great success but suffered a series of set backs. When it ran it was one of the most beautiful pieces of racing produced but when it failed the press and the public were down on it like a ton of bricks. It took an astute business man to pull things together and make progress and the story is one that is full of the words of the people who were involved and their impressions at the time. The book is full of technical detail and drawings and filled with a remarkable set of photographs of the progress being made. This is a true classic as contemporary prices for this first edition will confirm

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Price including postage UK and Europe £110, Price including postage USA and World. £118