Driven By A Dream – The Kelly Corvette.


It has been called a Henry Moore sculpture on wheels and it certainly caught my attention when it was shown in Europe for the first time at the 1961 Paris Motor Show and was not shown in the US until the New York Motor Show in 1962 yet very few people know about the Kelly Corvette.

Gordon Kelly was an American designer with the Brooks Stevens company who had a dream of designing his own car. What he came up with was a smooth and beautifully rounded car which he proceeded to make up as a 1/8th scale model. He then went to General Motors and on the strength of that model, they sold him a Chevrolet Corvette rolling chassis which he took to Turin. When he arrived at Vignale they realised that he was a serious designer and agreed to build the car for him. Having seen and touched the car it was spectacular, beautifully finished, and if GM had taken it up as a production model it probably could have sold well even if the Italian styling was a bit more sophisticated than the styling of most GM products at that time, including the Corvette. Gordon Kelly died in 1995 but the car still exists and is privately owned. When the author of this softcover little book saw it for the first time he not only took a series of detail photographs of it but wrote the remarkable story of Gordon Kelly. If you are interested in design this modest 48-page booklet is unique, particularly when only 1000 copies, some in hardcover, were produced.

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Price including postage to the UK and Europe is £27, Price including postage to the USA and Rest of the World £32