Driven : Racing photography of Jesse Alexander.


Jesse Alexander is a modest man who always kept a low profile but his work is amongst the best whether he was photographing grand prix cars or sports cars but particularly when it came to driver portraits.

An American he first came to everyones notice when he covered the 1953 Pan American Road Race in Mexico. The experience was enough for him and his vamily to move to Europe and cover the European motor sport scene. for Car and Driver magazine.

Jesse is a photographers photographer whose skill and talent to reflect what was going on was often lost by Editors who only published photos of racing cars and not the shots he took of his surroundings. A good example is one of the most casual photographs taken of Enzo Ferrari sitting on the concrete pit counter at the Modena Autodrome in shirt and tie but no jacket, his trousers held up by braces. He is in conversation with Italian driver Giorgio Scarlatti and it is a superb off-the record photo of Ferrari. The designer of the book has been sensible and published all of the photographs without captions and at the back of the book Jesse has put in his own personal captions to each. His photo of Stirling Moss attached here is a typical example of his style.

If you ever aspire to become a motor racing photographer you could learn a lot from this book and the manner in which a true photographer uses his eyes to see something that is not only worth recording but memorable.

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Price including postage to the UK and Europe is £40, Price including postage to the USA and Rest of the World is £49