Ferrari 250GT SWB Great Cars No.4


If Doug Nye writes a book you can be pretty sure it is not only accurate but that he will winkle out all sorts of stories from the people he talks to.
Such is the case here and his complete autobiography of the Ferrari 250GT SWB owned by Rob Walker and driven to victory by Stirling Moss in the 1960 TT race at Goodwood.
One of Philip Porter’s in-depth series of books on the history of individual cars. This one by Doug follows the same pattern with a historical background to the 250GT SWB series, and some brilliant factory photos of them being built, reproductions of telegrams and letters and much more. The book also has background information on the second 250GT SWB Rob bought and with which he won the 1961 TT but the real depth of the book comes with the background stories and racing histories of the car once Rob Walker sold it right up to its present owner, the note designer and engineer Ross Brawn who then supplies his own Technical appraisal of the 250GT SWB.
If you are interested in this, one of Enzo’s finest cars, you have a virtual complete history woven into just one book so it is no wonder it weighs close on 2 kilos.

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including Postage UK and Europe £50, including Postage USA and World £58