Formula 1 Register Formula 3 1954-56


For those unfamiliar with the Formula 1 Register “Black Books” these are a series of books meticulously produced by Richard Page, Duncan Rabagliati and Paul Sheldon over the years that are totally invaluable not just to the historian but to anyone interested in researching a driver’s race results.
These black books are pricey but, as I say invaluable.
What I am offering here is not a “Black Book” but when researching a book some years ago I contacted the authors regarding results of the 500cc racing years of Formula 3 that covered the driver I was researching. THough the actual “Black Book”on Formula 3 is much larger and covers a wider period of Formula 3 but also Formula 2 what I am offering are all the race results not just in Britain but all over Europe for the 500cc Formula 3 seasons of 1954/55/56. They were bought ready perforated to fit any A4 file and feature over 200 pages of race results from even obscure events such as the 1954 race held on the Boso-Isolino circuit in Locarno. You can spend hours following the early careers of racing drivers like Trevor Taylor who started racing, not in a Lotus for whom he drove alongside Jim Clark in Grands Prix but starting out in racing with a 500cc Erskine Staride.
By enlarging the illustration from the first page of 1954 one can get an idea of the detail involved.
This collection comes ready to be clipped into a file.

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including postage UK and Europe £18, including postage USA and World £21