Four Fiat Grand Prix Models 1/43 scale.


It is often forgotten that Fiat were very active in the early days of grand prix racing and were very successful. The four 1/43 scale models here by Brunn represent four of the most successful racing models of the early days making a notable group of pre-1920s grand prix cars from the Ferrari of its day.

Car 20 : The 1904 “Coppa Florio”that first ran in the Gordon Bennett Cup race. It featured the largest engine built by Fiat at that time and was a 75 hp four cylinder of 14.1 litres that reached its maximum power at just 1200 rpm. Also it was the first Fiat overhead cam engine. Vincenzo Lancia, later to open his own factory, won the Brescia-Cremona-Mantua-Brescia race and so became the winner of the Coppa Italia. Five of those monsters were built.

Car No 5 : The 1905 100 hp Corsa which set a new record on the Mont Ventoux hill climb driven by Cagno. The engine had been knocked out to 16 litres.

Car No : 42 : This is the 1908 S61 Corsa that was built as a touring car with a 10 litre four cylinder engine but a number of racing versions were built for the American market. In the 1911 Indianapolis 500. In 1912 Caleb Bragg drove one of these to win what was called the American Grand Prix at the Milwaukee circuit.

Car No : 37 In 1911 the “American Grand Prix” was run at Savanna and was won by Englishman David Bruce-Brown driving this S74 Corsa Fiat race car that sported a 14 litre four cylinder engine producing 190 bhp

Again good detail work by Brumm.

All four models are being sold as a group.

The price including postage to the UK and Europe is: £120
The price including postage to the USA and Rest of the World is: £140

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Price including Postage

Price including postage to the UK and Europe is £120, Price including postage to the USA and Rest of the World is £140