Historic Motor Racing


A follow up magazine to Historic Racing that was published in Hong Kong. This too featured longer and more in-depth articles on the cars, people and technology of cars of the past and immediate past.

Published in the USA, but produced and Edited by Graham Gauld in France, it too suffered a short life once more partially because of the lack of strong advertising back up in a difficult market.

For sale here are the first four of the five issues produced and again featured some serious articles by well known historians.

Amongst the articles in these four issues was a history of the development and design of the Borgward 1500RS sports cars that challenged the Porsches in the late 1950s by Karl Ludvigsen and a separate article on the Borgward 1500 RS he owned and ran.

An 18 page analysis and technical background to mark the 40th anniversary of the Ferrari 250GT SWB by noted Ferrari historian Alan Boe including a fascinating chart giving the specifications and details of each of the 20 competition short wheel bases.

A historical background to the Alfa Romeo 1900, that was the Lotus-Cortina of its day, by Italian historian David Tarallo, Bill Oursler’s in depth article on the development of the Porsche 917 and an article by Vic Elford on driving the 917.

Bill Colson on the history and development of the Lotus 15, Michael Cox on Masten Gregory and David Tarallo on the De Sanctis and Bizzarrini racing sports cars,

A feature on the cars designed by the Japanese designer Masao Ono and Howden Ganley’s description of driving Ono’s dire Formula 1 car. All four copies are sold as a group weighing just under 3 kilos.

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