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Historic Racing magazine was published by China Media Ltd in Hong Kong in 1994 and was aimed at publishing more in-depth articles on various aspects of the history of motor racing. The magazine ceased publication due mainly to the fact that sourcing advertising proved to be difficult and it ceased publication after just five issues. On offer are copies of those five issues, the first of which August/September 1994 was a bi-monthly but it changed to monthly from issue 3 so the other four are dated October 1994, November 1994, December 1994 and January 1995.

Amongst the superb articles in these five magazines is a four-part background history of Lotus at Indianapolis by Team Lotus’s Andrew Ferguson, A history of the Porsche 910 by Bill Oursler, Jonathan Williams by Peter Sachs, Vic Elford on racing the Chaparral 2J, The History of the TWR Jaguar XJ-S cars by Ian Norris, the Lyon Historic Meeting by Griff Borgeson, the technical history of the Alfa V16 racing engine by Brian Lovell and various columns and stories by Doug Nye and Graham Gauld.

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