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One of the greatest educational tools for children was the 1930-1950 passion for collecting cigarette cards what were produced as a very powerful marketing medium for cigarette companies to promote their products.

The idea was the cigarette company created various series of 50 card sets on all sorts of subjects mainly educational and for those of us who lived through that period it truly was educational even it it was not very good for our parents’ health.

This booklet was produced by the John Player company in England who sold it as an empty printed booklet into which a child could paste one of the picture cards relating to, in this case, the 50 card collection of coloured photographs of International Air Liners. This series was produced prior to the war and so had historical value because some of the aeroplanes depicted with background information were ones ostensibly produced in Germany as civil aircraft but in fact were to become the basis of some of the bombers of WW11. For instance on page 13 we find a painting of a Junkers JU86 – the prececessor of the JU88 wartime bomber in Swissair colours and obviously Deutsche Luft Hansa – later to be shortened to Lufthansa – were not only flying JU86’s but Heinkel HE111s and Dornier DO18 flying boats which also saw service as German bombers and Survey planes.

The Cigarette companies had literally hundreds of series on, for example, dogs, gardening, trees, you name it and there was a collection. What this meant was that when dad bought a 10 pack of cigarettes out would pop a cigarette card. If you were lucky it was from a series you were collecting, if not you took it to swopped it with a pal who wanted the one you had. It was an education.

This particular series has particular sentimental value as it was this series that created my interest in pre-War commercial air lines which exists to this day. It is now time to pass it on to another enthusiast this reminder of hobbies of the past. If you look at the second illustration you can enlarge the photo and the description to see how much information could be crammed into those cards and how helpful they were to impressionable young children even if today hands would go up in horror that it was promoting smoking !!!

This item includes a similar collection of Safety Fast, a series of socially interesting cards promoting road safety for car driver, cyclists and pedestrians. ( Two items in the package)

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Price including postage to the UK and Europe is £15, Price including postage to the USA and Rest of the World is £19