Le Vetture Alfa Romeo Dal 1910


This book, published in 1965, is, to my mind a classic as it was written and prepared by Luigi Fusi who was the Alfa Romeo archivist and has been my stand by reference book for over fifty years and yet apart from the torn paper cover is in perfect condition.

What Fusi has done is list every single model of Alfa Romeo from the start with the Alfa 24 hp up to the 1960s. What is interesting is that he has given not just a full technical breakdown of each model but, where possible, the number of cars built so, for example, we find that only two of the original Modello 24HP models were built.

This is particularly helpful when you look up the 2.9 series where he has full technical specs of the long wheelbase and short wheelbase models and we are told there were 20 short wheelbase ones and 10 long wheelbase ones and the weight difference between the two was 1150 kilos to 1250 kilos.

Not only is the book filled with photographs and technical drawings of the road cars but it also covers the grand prix and racing sports car versions. So we read that when it comes to the rare 2000 Sportiva prototype model of 1954/55 they built two coupes and two spiders.

Though written in Italian there are translations into English for all the models at the back of the book.

This is a first edition of the book and copies are not only rare as hens teeth but are eye wateringly expensive. All I can say is that if you can find a copy cheaper than this BUY IT.

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Price including postage UK and Europe £ 220, Price including Postage USA and World £230