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If you have any interest in what the remaining Maserati brothers did when they returned to Bologna after their 10 year contract with Sig,Orsi who bought Maserati then this well produced book by Luigi Orsini and Franco Zagari will certainly keep you informed.

This book is now extremely rare and some prices on the internet make the eyes water. The book is in mint condition and I am sad to be parting with it.

It is written in Italian but the information it contains on all the models, the races and the cars do not need any great translation, only the base text at the beginning. The key elements of the book apart from a remarkable number of photographs of different OSCAs in action and the like are the individual details of all the cars including the few single seater and Formula Junior cars.

For example there is a list of races dating from the original entry of Franco Cornaccia with the very first OSCA 1100, chassis 1101 in the Circuit of Pescara on August 15 1948 right up to 1970. If you look at the 1957 Tour of Sicily you find there were 15 entrants with OSCAs and each owner is listed alongside the chassis number of his car.

The next valuable section deals with the individual car models which is handy as they kept the MT4 designation for a number of variations. With the single seaters you have the 4.5 litre Grand Prix OSCA built for Franco Rol , the Formula 2 cars and then the later sports cars and finally the last model, the Tipo 1600GT

This is probably the most comprehensive coffee table size book produced on OSCA and published in 1989

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Price including postage UK and Europe £166, Price including postage USA and World £185