Reliability Trial Report 1909


This fragile item is over 110 years old and as can be seen its paper cover has begun to fray and whilst writing this description has come loose. However, it is a very rare document as there are unlikely to be many copies around.

What makes this historically interesting is that in the early days of the motor car various countries held Trials which were simply long routes with overnight stops usually organised by the National Motor Club of the country.

The Scottish Automobile Club – later became the Royal Scottish Automobile Club – was the national club for Scotland and over six days in June 1909 they held trial using many of the hill roads all over the Scottish highlands with hlll tests and the like. For example on the first day the cars did a course over the Cairn-o-Mount which is still a formidable road today with gradients up to 1 in 5.4 where times were taken

Manufacturers entered cars for those Trials to confirm the reliability of their models which they could then promote through their reliability, fuel consumption, etc. The notorious Red Flag Act had ended in 1903 and the road speed limit increased which allowed those events to take place.

Classes were graded by the price of the chassis so, for example, we find that in Class D for vehicles where the selling price of the chassis with tyres exceeds £325 but does not exceed £425 was won by James Allan driving a 14/16 HP Argyll entered by the Argyll factory.

Each car had to carry an independent assessor who marked down any stop for any problem, for fuel and the like and points were added for how long the stop took.

This Booklet measures 11 inches x 14 inches and covers the details of every single car that took part listing its every stop followed by panels of statistics so that, for example, we find the best fuel consumption over the six days was by an 8-10 HP Darracq at 37.75 mpg and the poorest by an 50 hp Ariel at 14.35 mpg.

By passing the cursor over the lower page showing one of the day runs you can see the details that were noted for each car.

Most of the British manufacturers and importers entered cars for the event and it is an unique if fragile record from the early age of the motor car.

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Price including postage to the UK and Europe is £50, Price including postage to the USA and Rest of the World is £54