Stirling’s Motor Carriages Limited: Share Prospectus 1897


This is a rare collection of paperwork that made up the invitation letter, sales leaflet, prospectus and share order form. sent out in 1897 Stirling’s Motor Carriages Limited which was one of the early Scottish car makes.

The original company, J & C Stirling was founded in Hamilton in 1897 but had been coachbuilders for fifty years. In that year they designed and built their own car powered by a 4 hp Daimler engine and were ambitious to such an extent that they began to order Daimler engines in lots of 50 at a time.

A year later they decided to go public and change their name to Stirling’s Motor Carriages Limited and this is a set of all the paperwork associated with the listing including a form requesting shares in the company. These are in very good condition considering they are nearly 125 years old and represent a unique souvenir of early motoring history in Britain.

What makes this particularly historical is that according to Nick Georgano’s Encyclopaedia of motor cars it was the first British motor car company to pay a dividend to its shareholders which was 5%.

In 1900 they started to import Clement-Panhards and sold them either as Stirling-Panhards or Clement-Stirling’s. They then moved on to truck production but like many other Scottish vehicle manufacturing companies closed in 1907.

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