Baracca Description Dedicated by Enzo Ferrari to Graham Gauld


This A3 colour printed sheet on vellum style paper was produced by Enzo Ferrari to give to visitors and friends to Maranello.

This shows the well-known painting of Francisco Baracca standing in front of his Spad aeroplane during WW1 with the Prancing Horse symbol on its side.

Some 15 years after Baracca was killed, his father, Count Baracca, signed over the Prancing Horse symbol to Enzo Ferrari to use on the Scuderia Ferrari Alfa-Romeos and it first appeared in July 1932 at the Spa 24-hour race. The Prancing Horse has been emblematic of Ferrari ever since

This print was produced with a description by Enzo Ferrari of how he came to receive the Prancing Horse and the writing below the painting was Count Baracca’s dedication.

As this is one of many prints note that Enzo Ferrari’s signature in purple was physically printed on to the end of the description and was not added by hand.

As is well known, Enzo Ferrari always used purple ink in his fountain pen when he personally dedicated anything.

He signed this to Graham Gauld. on his first of many visits to Maranello and meetings with Enzo Ferrari, in September 1957.

Enzo Ferrari picked up his fountain pen and wrote directly on to the sheet the dedication ” A Gauld” ( To Gauld) Despite being kept unframed the purple ink has faded badly due to the instability of the colours blue and purple.

However, the dedication can still faintly be perceived above and to the left of the printed description. In the second photograph, it has been enlarged to confirm its authenticity.

This was handed to me personally by Enzo Ferrari on that day sixty-three years ago. (Graham Gauld, Claviers France October 2020)

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Price including postage to the UK and Europe is £1,000, Price including postage to the USA and Rest of the World is £1,200