My First Library


The eight soft-cover books on cars and racing were the first I ever bought and set me off on a seventy odd years of motoring journalism and authorship.

Quite how such an esoteric series mainly produced by the Fawcett company came to be sold in an obscure Edinburgh bookshop I have no idea but I pounced upon them as an antidote to some of the anodyne hardcover books being produced by some of the British publishers many of whose anodyne publications were often weak on true historical information.

It was these that exposed me to the writing of Griff Borgeson and as can be seen from the copy of Auto Racing Old and New, one of my favourites, have been read over and over again for inspiration.

It might be considered sad that I should choose to dispose of them to other enthusiasts but just as I relished them at the time I hope that some enthusiasts will find them equally intriguing and interesting.

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